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Mul Dosh

People born in Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshtha, Mool, and Revati nakshatras are affected by Mul Dosh. Whenever these nakshartras come in conjunction, the results are inauspicious.
Mul Dosh is known to create several severe problems in the person’s life affected by it. Health and attitude problems in childhood, parents can face health and financial problems, siblings may also face health problems, these are just some of the effects of Mul Dosh.

It is suggested that you get your birth chart read by an expert. If you suffer from this dosh, then proper steps need to be taken to mollify the negative effects. It will help you and your family lead a happy and peaceful life. With Acharya Shree Guruji you can be assured of premium services. He is a reckoned name in the astrology world.
You can get in touch with Acharya Shree Guruji for Mul Dosh remedies. He will analyze your birth chart and give you appropriate solutions. You can get Mul Dosh Shanti puja. This is done to pacification and is greatly helpful. Trust the predictions of Acharya Shree Guruji and the effective remedies that he suggests. By closely analyzing your birth chart, he would give customized service. A great way to nullify the effects of Mul Dosh is to do Mul shanty puja on 27th day of the birth. The puja should be done wholeheartedly by people of these nakshatras. Find out more about this puja from [astrologer name].

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