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Kalsarpa Dosh

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Kalsarpa Dosh

Kalsarpa Dosh is also a common occurrence. It happens when all seven planets get hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. As per Vedic astrology there are a total of 12 kalsarpa yogas possible based on different positions of Rahu and Ketu. Some of the problems that a person faces when affected by kalsarpa dosh include – low self confidence, long period of joblessness, uncertain financial status, disoriented married life, childlessness or miscarriage, chances of accident etc.

It is possible that the person affects by one or many of these negative effects depending upon the severity of kalsarpa dosh. Thus, it is important that you get your birth chart analyzed properly by an expert and find appropriate kalsarpa dosh remedies. With Acharya Shree Guruji at your side you need not worry. He provides complete solution and remedies for kalsarpa dosh.

Rightly said that kalsarpa dosh is considered to be one of the deadliest and most inauspicious unions as per astrology. There are various destructive and ill effects of kalsarpa dosh on the person suffering from it. But astrology has the power to nullify the effects of any dosh. You can rely upon the predictions of Acharya Shree Guruji . He is a name that thousands of people trust. Over the years he has garnered long term relations with his clients based on trust. You need not worry at all. Acharya Shree Guruji will give you remedies to get over kalsarpa dosh.

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